MDF Panel Modern Interior White Primer Door
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MDF Panel Modern Interior White Primer Door


JHK-011 MDF Panel Modern Interior White Primer Door

MDF doors

Modern interior doors

White primer door

Product Description

White primer door is our main product because it’s with great production volume. The reason of why it is so popular is that it has the competitive price and simple structure with good quality. Modern people like simple and light products. White primer doors just fit in this style.

We can customize according to the demands of customers. For fillers, we have four different options, honeycomb paper, hollow particle board, solid particle board, and solid wood. Honeycomb paper core is the most common and economical option, which is also the most preferable for most of customers. If customers want the sound insulation door, then hollow particle board is his best choice. If customers want the firm and strong door, then he can choose solid particle board core and solid wood core, but we suggest solid wood core. Because these two are of the same price, solid wood core is more stable and easier to purchase the raw material.

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