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Solid Wood Bathroom Waterproof Glass Door


JHK-G06 Best Selling Door Solid Wood Door Bathroom Glass Door

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The door of glass solid wood serves as building materials of a kind of new-style home outfit, not only design is novel, and utility is extensive, because this is loved by small partners. No matter be ecological door, still be door of bake lacquer, solid wood compound door or it is the wooden door of other kind, the installation method of glass is roughly divided into two kinds, the first kind is above wooden door reserve glass slot, after whole wooden door is made, put glass from inside reserved slot again, fix. The method advantage of this kind of installation glass is: installation and change are convenient, if glass is damaged in use, the friend with a little bit stronger hands-on ability can replace completely by oneself. Disadvantages: This method of installing the glass is generally relatively small area, such as a long glass. Or only wooden doors that need to be glassed over.

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When designing or upgrading a bathroom, the choice of door can easily be forgotten, or left as an afterthought.

Yet choosing the right door for your bathroom can increase space, improve accessibility and enhance the look and feel of your design.

Think Ahead

Your choice of door should be incorporated into the early stages of your design planning, as the type you install can impact on how the rest of the bathroom will function.

For example, in a small space the way a door swings can make your facilities easier or more difficult to access. A badly planned door opening can inhibit use of the sink or toilet or block a mirror.

Sliding Solution

One popular small space solution is a sliding door. By choosing a sliding door for your bathroom, the space inside suddenly opens-up offering more options for placement of fittings and cabinet layout without the intrusion of an opening door.

If a sliding door is impractical, bi-fold doors can be a stylish addition that also doesn’t overwhelm a small space. Increasingly, second bathrooms or ensuites are internal rooms with no natural light. For these rooms, installing a door with opaque glass panels can borrow light from adjacent rooms without compromising your bathroom’s privacy.

Material Difference

Solid wood doors also work well in small bathrooms, as you can add towel hooks or a rail to the back and maximise your hanging space. If moisture and humidity are an issue, you may wish to consider materials such as aluminium or fibreglass to avoid your door warping or sticking.

Whatever material you choose, our range of quality accessories, including locks and handles, will complement your overall style and can be professionally fitted alongside the door itself.

Bigger And Bolder

For those lucky enough to be planning a larger bathroom, your bathroom door can make more of a statement. Investing in an unusual choice such as French doors, which swing together to meet in the centre, will create a striking focal point, made more interesting by having the space to stand back and admire them.

Concealed Doors

If you want to hide an ensuite bathroom, you can conceal it behind a set of doors which are part of larger wall unit. Essentially, the doors which access into the bathroom will look like another set of wardrobe doors and provides a seamless look.

When designing an extra bathroom for an existing property, you may be working with an irregular space. That needn’t be an issue. At Door Stop, our 35 years of experience in the industry means no space is too awkward as our dedicated experts can design, build and install custom-made solutions to every door problem.

Whatever your style and budget, drop by a Door Stop showroom in Joondalup or Osborne Park. Whether it be in person or by phone, our customer service is second to none and our skilled team are on hand to offer technical advice to help you achieve the dream bathroom you deserve.

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