Smooth Panel Composite White Primer Door
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Smooth Panel Composite White Primer Door


JHK-017 Smooth Panel Composite White Primer Door

Smooth door

Composite doors

Panel wood doors

Product Description

White primer door is mainly made of MDF board material. But customers can choose different fillers, such as honeycomb paper, particle board and solid wood. Honeycomb paper core is the most common type, which is light to install and with economical price. The inner structure is made of solid wood, so it is also called MDF wood composite door.

The production time of white primer door actually is very short, because of its simple craftsman style. Firstly, we will cut the raw MDF material into the sizes customers have ordered and soften the board using ammonia liquor. Secondly, after the board is drying, we will press the MDF into the ordered designs in the hot press machines. One hot press machine can put 4 different molds. Common designs will only cost 10 seconds to press, but special designs will need 20 seconds. Thirdly, we will white prime the MDF board.

Compared with the hand-made solid wood door, the molded door adopts mechanized production, so its cost is also low.

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