White SimpleInterior Bedroom Carved Wood Glass Door
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White SimpleInterior Bedroom Carved Wood Glass Door


JHK-G010 White Simple Door Interior Bedroom Door Carved Wood Glass Door

White Simple Door

Interior Bedroom Door

Carved Wood Glass Door


We provide a whole range of glass door for outdoor door and indoor door options. Visit other types of door range here: Folding door, sliding door, swing door.single panel door, double panel doors, 4 panels, 6 panels or even up to 12 panels doors, we can fulfill your every need. For ideas and advice, look through our Interior Door Buying Guide or our Doors Types Gallery – they’ll help you decide which door best meets your needs. Glass door is a kind of door leaf that compares special, above all its ply is insufficient it is a kind of solid door, and it does not belong to special-shaped door again, in fact, it is the door leaf of a kind of special form. Toughened glass and float glass are generally made of glass with a thickness of 12 mm (mm). Toughened glass is both strong and safe.

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Wood identification

Nowadays, the consumption hot spots of high-grade wooden doors in the market are mainly black walnut, teak, cherry, maple, beech and other varieties. Due to the high price of solid wood of these kinds of wood, some manufacturers choose low-grade wood with similar texture to cheat consumers by dyeing and other means. Here are some simple methods to identify wood.

1. Black walnut and cherry wood have a large mountain texture, cherry wood in the texture will appear some black resin line irregularly. In the market, there are oak and ash dyed changchong black walnut; southwest birch (without black resin thread) is used to dye cherry wood; scientific and technological wood (paper) is used to imitate teak, but technological wood has no oily property of teak.

2. Maple color is light yellow, with Hill Grain, the biggest feature is shadow (local luster is obvious), belongs to medium grade wood.

3. Beech is bright and light yellow in color and has dense wood rays. The imported beech has fewer defects and is much better than the domestic one. The imported beech belongs to medium and high-grade wood in China.

Consumers should pay special attention to the choice of these kinds of wood. They should choose the famous brands with good reputation and strength. The materials used by these brands are authentic and the workmanship is exquisite. The moisture content of wood can be controlled at about 10%, which is guaranteed by after-sales service. For consumers, we can see whether the brand is a national registered trademark (R is marked after the trademark), whether there is a factory authorization certificate, and observe the factory's process level through the product's processing fineness.


1. See, touch the fullness of the film, this will be more than a few times will see. The film is full, which indicates that the quality of paint is good, the polymerization force is strong, and the sealing of wood is good. At the same time, the painting process is relatively perfect, and there is no suspicion of cutting corners;

2. Stand on the slant side of the door (decoration effect picture) to find the reflection angle of the door surface to see whether the paint film on the surface is flat, whether the orange peel phenomenon is obvious, and whether there are small protuberant particles. If the phenomenon of orange peel is obvious, it indicates that the baking process of paint film is not up to standard;

3. For fancy doors, it is necessary to see whether the paint film cracks at the edges of the lines, especially the inner corners (which are visible but not touched);

4. If you ask about the type of paint, the basic answer is PU paint (polyurethane paint). Please note that PU paint has the advantages of easy grinding, time-saving and labor-saving in the processing process. The disadvantage is that the paint film is soft, and it is easy to produce white shadow dent due to slight collision. If at least one of the coatings is PE paint, this possibility will be greatly reduced. The advantages of PE paint (polyester paint) are that the film is hard, the covering power is strong, the transparency is good, and it can better express the wood veneer texture. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to polish and the processing process is time-consuming and laborious. Most manufacturers are not willing to use PE coating.

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