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Wood Panel Interior Veneer Door


JHK-007 Low Cost Wood Panel Price Veneer Door

JHK-007, Low cost bubinga wood panel price veneer door is a kind of composite door, which not only has a natural woods, but also the price is very affordable. The veneer door is including 3 part: 2 door skin at surface and wood skeleton in the middle. The surface not only the Oak and Teak, but also Sapele and Walnuts. Our more than 200 sets of molds is enough to meet requirements of pattern from different families in different countries. JHK strives to provide the top-quality products with reasonable prices, efficient production time and the most professional service. JHK always focuses on customers’ needs and therefore provides tailored products and approaches client actively to solve any problems they have.

The veneer color is selected carefully and strictly, which can look more consistent. It is like solid wooden door with the economical price. Ready to customize and paint.

Veneer door 0







Door pocket installation

1. The assembly joint of the door pocket shall be tight, flat and without black seam; the fixed accessories shall be locked; the diagonal line of the door pocket shall be accurate, and the allowable tolerance within 2 meters shall be ≤ 1 mm, and that over 2 meters shall be ≤ 1.5 mm;

2. After the door pocket is installed, it should be three-dimensional horizontal and vertical, the allowable tolerance of perpendicularity is + 2 mm, and the tolerance of horizontal flatness is + 1 mm; the combination between the door pocket and the wall should have fixing screws (no less than 3 per meter); the door pocket width should be more than 200 mm, and the fixed iron sheet should be installed; the gap between the door pocket and the wall should be sealed with foam rubber on both sides, and the foam adhesive should be evenly coated and cut flat after drying.

Sleeve installation

1. The sleeve line installation should be evenly coated with glue and fixed with the door pocket and wall. The socket line interface should be flat, tight and seamless. After installation, the same side of the line should be in the same plane. Because the wall is not smooth, the socket must be smooth. The allowable tolerance of sleeve curve is 1 mm. The gap between sleeve line and wall shall be filled with sealant.

Door leaf installation

1. After installation, the door leaf should be flat and vertical, and the door leaf should be level with the exposed surface of the door pocket; the door leaf should be opened without abnormal noise, and the switch should be flexible and free;

2. For the gap between the door pocket and the door leaf, the lower seam is 6mm and the other three sides are 2mm; the allowable tolerance of all gaps is + 0.5mm;

3. After the door is closed tightly, it is tightly combined with the sealing strip without swinging.

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