Glass Floor Double Siding Door
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Glass Floor Double Siding Door


JHK-G24 Glass Floor Double Siding Door

Glass Floor Double Siding Door have stronger delimit strength, give a space with clear limit, this kind of sliding door applies to.

A partition in a high, wide space. The dimension is not big, material is qualitative frivolous, show the limit degree with good sex sliding door to the space is low, dimensional interface is not very clear, but can do on dimensional division.

To lie between and ceaseless, make the space maintained good fluidity, administrative levels is richer. This kind of sliding door applies to the division of all sorts of bedroom space and local Limit of space

In contemporary bedroom life, the space such as bathroom, bedroom no longer resembles before in that way, surround by fixed all around brick wall close and become.

Personalized design.

There is a common occurrence between the room of transparent glass.In order to take care of the privacy of life, the entrance to these areas can be covered by moving sliding doors.

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1. When did your company establish?

JHK: Since 2000, we are a manufacturer with 15 years’ experience.

2. How many people work in your company?

JHK: About 500 People.

3. What is the capacity of production per year?

JHK: More than 500,000 PCS.

4. What raw materials of wood do you have?

JHK: Natural wood and EV wood are both available. Red oak, ash, teak and mahogany are our recommended materials.

5. What is the MOQ?

JHK: One 20’ container, which can hold 2500-3000 PCS door skins. Sample order is also available.

6. What is the delivery time?

JHK: It will be around 40 days after receiving the payment.

7. Can I visit your factory?

Yes, of course! We are very welcome for your visiting, and we will pick you up at the YIWU airport or the Jinhua railway station.

8. How about your after-sale service?

JHK: We guarantee our customers one-year warranty, and will deliver forever service no matter before or after the sale.

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