Interior Bathroom Panel Laminate Melamine Door
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Interior Bathroom Panel Laminate Melamine Door


Melamine door skin is MDF and can choose different filler for the melamine door. The Melamine Skeleton is solid wooden. Melamine door surface is the melamine paper covered in the MDF door skin and then press with the wooden inner frame.

Melamine door used widely for many countries because of its economic price. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs of this type door.

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Surface flatness

1. The blistering of the veneer indicates that the veneer is not evenly heated or coated unevenly in the process of sticking. The flat hot press can solve the problem of uneven heating when the veneer is pasted on the flat door;

2. The surface flatness of wooden door is not enough, which indicates that the selection of boards is relatively cheap, and the flatness of boards is not enough. It can be imagined that the environmental protection performance is also difficult to meet the standard, which means that one leaf knows the autumn;

3. To see whether the process joints are even and small: to see whether the process joints are uniform, uniform and small, this point is similar to the automobile, which directly reflects the comprehensive process level of the enterprise;

4. Look at the installation quality: Although the finished set door is produced in the factory, it can only be regarded as finished product when it is truly turned into a commodity and handed over to customers. Therefore, it is only a semi-finished product from the factory, and installation is the key link. Good installation process, good installation tools and experienced installation technicians are the key to the success or failure of installation;

5. Look at hardware: finally, talk about hardware. Hardware is a matter that easily makes wooden door manufacturers and customers haggle over each other in judging the quality of door products. It is suggested that customers try not to buy hardware parts by themselves. If manufacturers can not provide satisfactory hardware products, they must choose famous brand hardware products. Such products are generally guaranteed for life.

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