What are the ways of using veneer doors?
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What are the ways of using veneer doors?

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The development of the wooden door industry is very rapid. The processing technology of wooden doors has been continuously improved and innovated, and the overall structure and shape design have been continuously enriched. As the highest-selling product among them, veneer door has naturally received the attention of many consumers.


What is the installation process of the veneer door?

What are the applications of veneer doors in daily life?

What is the recent development of veneer doors?

What is the installation process of the veneer door?

1. The finished veneer door can be installed after the interior decoration is completed. After the finished product door enters the site, it must be carefully inspected, and a special storage area should be set up to prevent damage or rain. Adhesive multilayer boards are used to protect the installed door frame to prevent collisions.

2. The small hardware of the veneer door should be in the correct position and fixed with wood screws. It should not be replaced by iron nails. It should be driven into 1/3 of the depth, then tightened and unscrewed. It is strictly forbidden to drive into the full depth. Before the veneer door frame is installed, the outside of the frame should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. After the door leaf is installed, the flatness and diagonal inspection must be carried out, and it can be delivered only after it is qualified.

3. The veneer door leaf must be installed firmly, open and close flexibly, close tightly, and have no inverted wings. The surface of the veneer door should be clean, free of planing marks and hammer marks. The corners and seams of the wooden doors are tight and flat; the door and window frames and sashes are cut straight, and the planing surface is smooth; the edges of the grooves and holes on the veneer door are neat and free of burrs.

What are the applications of veneer doors in daily life?

Plywood, also known as plywood, is to plan logs into slices about 1 mm thick each. After being fully air-dried, glue is added, compacted by special mechanical equipment, and the surface layer with good decorative texture and material is applied on both sides and cut into a certain specification of decorative boards. The most commonly used plywood size in decoration is 1220mm×2440mm. The plywood can be divided into three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood, twelve plywood, eighteen plywood, and so on according to the number of layers. And five plywood. The more layers of the veneer door, the greater the thickness, the higher the strength, the stronger the bearing capacity, and the less easy it to bend. veneer doors are mostly used in high-grade decorative base structures. Suitable for installation and fixing of decorative parts with heavy load.

What is the recent development of veneer doors?

1. Production automation

At present, the veneer door industry is developing rapidly. However, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and recruitment is becoming more and more difficult. Some machinery manufacturers have begun to design-related automated processing equipment and special equipment.

2. Intelligent management

With the advent of the "Internet +" era and the rapid development of e-commerce, the improvement of enterprise core competitiveness is no longer solely dependent on controlling the production cost of veneer door, ensuring the quality of veneer door, developing new products, and occupying the market. The coordination and cooperation among various departments and the management of enterprise resources are essential to the future development of the enterprise.

With the development of technology, veneer door products are constantly improving themselves. In the long run, choosing a veneer door for furniture decoration is an infallible choice. To meet these growing demands, Zhejiang JiHengKang Door Industry Co., Ltd. has various veneer doors and they are all more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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