Laminate vs. Veneers
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Laminate vs. Veneers

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 Laminate is made by pressing together a blend of paper and plastic. Brown paper and decorative paper soaked in phenolic and melamine resins are hard pressed together to form a stiff laminate sheet. This happens over several iterations.

Veneers are very thin layers of actual wood such as teak or mahogany and they are pressed over boards in pretty much the same way as seen above. Veneers look more close to a wooden finish and can be polished, giving a wooden touch and feel to the customer. Below picture (left) shows the veneer sheet which is stitched together to make a long veneer sheet and the picture in the right shows the MDF board (machine) pressed with veneer sheet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate and Veneer

Laminate is paper and plastic whereas Veneer is an actual layer of wood. Veneers get a wooden look with polish and good maintenance and add to the richness of the furniture. Laminates do look artificial and sometimes cheap.

Laminates are water-proof and scratch resistant and come in various colors and shades such as glossy, matte and soft textures. On the other hand, Veneers come in limited colors and types of shades as they are layers of natural wood.

Laminates are usually a better choice for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc. and Veneers are a better choice for some furniture that is not frequently used but the aesthetic value of the furniture is important such as center table or coffee table.

Veneers are much costlier than laminates as veneers come from actual wood and are not manufactured within factory artificially.

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