How to choose the right interior door
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How to choose the right interior door

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An  interior door is a vital part of a house, and there should be a good amount of thought that goes into choosing one. Picking a new interior door is an important step. Style, materials, soundproofing and door swing are just some of the points to consider when sorting through the endless options for interior doors.

Door styles

The style of your door can make a big difference in your home's design. Feel free to mix and match a little — it can give your home a fun and eclectic look — but try to keep some elements the same so that there's a sense of flow throughout the house.

Door swing

You can usually choose between a right-hand or left-hand door swing when ordering or customizing a door. This will determine where the hinges and handles are, and which way the door swings when it opens and closes.

Door framing

Framing a door incorrectly can quickly detract from the value of a beautiful and expensive door. Using cheap framing materials or construction shortcuts can often lead to damage on the door, and can cost more in the long run.

Door sound ratings

Interior doors are given an STC (sound transmission class), which measures the amount of of sound loss through the door. 

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