How much do you know about the melamine door?
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How much do you know about the melamine door?

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Melamine door refers to the use of medium-density board (MDF) or high-density board (HDF) or steel plate as the base material, and the surface is decorated with melamine paper or without any veneer or skin. The melamine door passes through a high-tonnage vacuum molding machine and is heated at high temperature, high pressure, and high temperature. Under the environment, the low-carbon, environmentally friendly, beautiful, convenient, non-cracking, and non-deformed door panels are produced by "one-time molding" or "two-time molding" technology.

 melamine door

What is the performance of the melamine door?

How to reduce melamine door problems?

How to choose a melamine door?

What is the performance of the melamine door?

1, melamine door can imitate various patterns at will, with bright color, used as the veneer of various wood-based panels and wood, with high hardness, wear-resistance, and good heat resistance.

2, The chemical resistance of the melamine door in general, and it can resist the abrasion of general acid, alkali, grease, alcohol, and other solvents.

3. The surface of the melamine door is smooth and clean, easy to maintain, and clean.

Melamine board has excellent properties that natural wood can't have, so it is often used in interior architecture and the decoration of various furniture and cabinets.

Common specifications: 2440mm×1220mm, thickness 1.5-1.8cm.

How to reduce melamine door problems?

1. When pressing the molded melamine door, it should be as low as possible for a short time, so as not to damage the internal structure of the high-density board in the door panel

2. Maintenance of the melamine door: The pressed melamine door should be shaped and shaped, and then a constant humidity regimen for 1 week, so that the stress in the board is completely released in front of the combined door.

3. Doorstop structure combination: The melamine door needs to use a flat pressed 25mm, multilayer board, cut into 30mm slivers, and two stands upright on the side.

4. It takes a long time for the melamine door to be cold-pressed to form the embryo, and the pressure can be loosened after the glue is completely solidified. It is best to use fast curing glue.

5. The melamine door should be placed vertically or horizontally during storage, and the square must be horizontal.

How to choose a melamine door?

When consumers choose this kind of melamine door, in addition to taking into account the color and texture satisfaction, they can also distinguish the appearance quality from several aspects: whether there are stains, scratches, indentations, pores, whether the color and gloss are uniforms, whether there is Bubble phenomenon, whether there is a partial paper tear or defect phenomenon, etc. If the veneer is cracked or damaged, you can use the following methods to repair it: first put a damp cloth on the damaged part of the melamine door, and then put a hot iron on the damp cloth to force moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes very strong Tough but not easy to break. In this way, you can first scrape the old glue, and then apply a layer of milky white glue on the melamine door, and then apply a layer of new glue on the reverse side of the loose veneer, compact it, and wait until the glue is completely dry.

melamine doors are the most popular type of door panel in the decoration of houses. The price of melamine doors is low, the product appearance is changeable, the style is novel, the door panel structure is not easy to be damp and deformed, and the appearance is relatively stable and more and more consumers favorite. Zhejiang JiHengKang Door Industry Co., Ltd. has established solid business relationships with customers in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East for we always provide excellent quality products with competitive prices and the best services to our clients. Therefore, when choosing melamine doors, choosing them is your best choice.

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