How much do you know about PVC doors?
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How much do you know about PVC doors?

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As people pay more and more attention to the concept of environmental protection, people will inevitably notice PVC doors when decorating. PVC doors do not need to be painted, which effectively reduces the paint's pollution to indoor air. Therefore, they are welcomed by consumers.


What are the advantages of PVC doors?

What should we know about the PVC doors?

How long can PVC doors last?

What are the advantages of PVC doors?

1. The PVC door has a log texture, a variety of color changes, and is more modern, individualized, and environmentally friendly.

2. The surface of the PVC door is smooth and bright, free of paint, which can avoid the terrible consequences of the toxic gas emitted in the air on the human body after you use other decorative materials to paint.

3. The PVC door is formed at one time and the construction period is short.

4. The PVC door is made of high-quality imported raw materials for paint-free decoration materials, which have the advantages of impact resistance, non-spontaneous combustion, insect-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, good maintenance, non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting.

5. The PVC door is easy to construct, it can be cut, sawed, wound, and nailed.

6. PVC doors can be changed into a variety of different shapes according to your identity, environment, personality, and taste. It is an ideal material for home decoration. Interior decoration.

What should we know about the PVC doors?

PVC doors are made of plastic materials, with good acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, microbial resistance, and elasticity, and are not flammable. It is widely used on many occasions requiring heat preservation, moisture retention, dust prevention, or insect prevention. However, PVC composite door has poor physical stability, easy aging, and is easy to change color after ultraviolet irradiation. Moreover, the screws of the PVC composite door are not tight, which will loosen and slide down after a long time. Therefore, the price is relatively lower than the wooden door. Now there are many places to use PVC doors in home decoration, but generally speaking, we should choose according to our home decoration style.

How long can PVC doors last?

PVC doors can generally be used for about 5-10 years. The service life of PVC doors also depends on the usual maintenance and residents' use habits. For general wooden doors, if they are not painted for a long time, it is easy to crack the door panel and deform the door panel. To save time and effort, the technology of wooden doors has been continuously reformed and innovated. Now PVC doors are born.

If the attitude towards PVC doors is usually casual and indifferent, if they can be used for about 5 years, they will start to deform slowly and the materials inside will also start to loosen slowly. On the contrary, pay a little attention to waterproof at ordinary times. The service life is about 10 years, and there is no big problem. Therefore, PVC doors can generally be used for about 5-10 years, and whether the service life can reach 5-10 years depends on Residents' usual maintenance and use habits.

All in all, for most families, PVC doors are the best choice for decoration. Zhejiang JiHengKang Door Industry Co., Ltd. has focused on the development and production of PVC doors for several years. And it commits to provide perfect service for every customer from the furniture industry.

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