Why do we choose PVC doors?
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Why do we choose PVC doors?

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The surface of the PVC door is scratch-resistant, similar to laminate flooring. The surface of these doors is mostly 'waterproof', which can replace the effect of a painting to prevent the metal inside the door from rusting. PVC door also saves relative manufacturing costs and makes its appearance more beautiful.

What are the advantages of PVC doors?

How to make a PVC door?

What is the structure of the PVC door?


What are the advantages of PVC doors?

1. The PVC door has a log texture, a variety of color changes, and is more modern, individualized, and environmentally friendly.

2. The surface of the PVC door is smooth and bright, free of paint, which can avoid the terrible consequences of the toxic gas emitted in the air on the human body after you use other decorative materials to paint.

3. The PVC door is formed at one time and the construction period is short.

4. The PVC door is made of high-quality imported raw materials for paint-free decoration materials, which have the advantages of impact resistance, non-spontaneous combustion, insect-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, good maintenance, non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting.

5. The PVC door is easy to construct, it can be cut, sawed, wound, and nailed.

6. PVC doors can be changed into a variety of different shapes according to your identity, environment, personality, and taste. It is an ideal material for home decoration. Interior decoration.

How to make a PVC door?

1. Use a cutting board saw to cut the board;

2. Use an engraving machine (computer or manual) to carve patterns;

3. Hollowing grooves and dovetail grooves (for sealing door edges, use vertical milling and manual engraving machines, and edge banding machines can also be used to seal the edges, the machinery is more expensive);

4. Use a pressing planer to make PVC doors to make the inner frame of the door;

5. Spray plastic;

6. Paste and cover the PVC film with a vacuum blister machine;

7. Synthesize the PVC door with a cold press. The door cover can be made with the same process, and the door cover generally does not need to be carved.

What is the structure of the PVC door?

1. The first layer of door core: the door core structure adopts solid wood inserts, these solid wood inserts are filled according to the bridge hole mechanics board, and the only purpose is to ensure that the door leaf of the PVC door is not easy to deform. (Note that the door core of the paint-free door is generally filled with four pieces of wood)

2. The second layer of density board: like a hamburger, the door core is added in the middle, so the PVC door we see now is the two sides of the density board, the middle layer is the fir door core

3. The third layer is to add a PVC finish. PVC is to make the PVC door look better because the MDF veneer has no desire for consumers to buy it. Therefore, to make PVC doors visually appeal to consumers, they have to use PVC for veneer, which has achieved better sales.

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