What should we pay attention to the pine wood door?
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What should we pay attention to the pine wood door?

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The door is one of the indispensable main materials in life. It not only plays an important role in safety and function but also plays a decorative role in the overall style of home decoration. Then, is the pine wood door good, how to choose it in home decoration? Let's take a look at the editor below.

What should we pay attention to when using the pine wood door?

How to maintain pine wood door?

What is a qualified pine wood door?

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What should we pay attention to when using the pine wood door?

1. Look at the installation quality of the pine wood door: Although the finished product set door is produced in the factory, it is only considered as a finished product when it becomes a commodity and is handed over to the customer. Therefore, the door product from the factory is only regarded as a semi-finished product, and installation is the key link. A good installation process, a good installation tool, and an experienced installation technician are the keys to the success or failure of the installation;

2. Look at the hardware of the pine wood door: finally, talk about the hardware. Hardware is a thing that makes it easy for the wooden door manufacturer and the customer to judge the quality of the door. It is recommended that the customer try not to purchase additional hardware parts by themselves. If the manufacturer really cannot provide the desired For hardware products, you must choose hardware products from famous brands. Such products are generally guaranteed for life.

How to maintain pine wood door?

First of all, in summer, the pine wood door is smoked and roasted in the heat. As soon as it enters autumn and winter, due to the large temperature difference, it is necessary to frequently replenish moisture.

Second, whether the room is well ventilated is also the key to the maintenance of the pine wood door, but pay attention to the ventilation time and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. A short time will have no effect, and too long will have side effects.

Third, the indoor temperature should not be too high. Many families use geothermal. Although the room is very warm, it is very hurtful for the pine wood door, because the geothermal reaches more than 23 degrees. While the indoor are warm, It's drier.

Fourth, most families use humidifiers to solve the above problems. Although this is a very effective method, it is good for people and furniture, but often because of improper use, it can cause damage to the pine wood door.

What is a qualified pine wood door?

1. The door core of pine wood door: the door core board is made of pine wood, and the moisture content is controlled through multiple processes such as high-temperature cooking and drying, which is not easy to deform, and the flatness is eliminated from the door core; the standard thickness is 2.8 cm.

2. The balance layer of the pine wood door: medium density board, which is integrated with the main material of the door core after being pressurized at high temperature by the hot press, thereby ensuring the overall stability of the pine wood door and the flatness of the finish, and solving the deformation and cracking And other issues. The standard thickness of a pine wood door is 6mm.

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