What is white primer door?
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What is white primer door?

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In our current global door market, white primer door is one of the most popular and common products for customers. And in our factory, it is also the main products.

Western countries is a main market for white primer door, especially in USA and Canada. Also, Europe, southeast Asia, Africa and Australia are its markets. When people like economical and simple door, it is the first choice for projects.

We have more than 200 sets of molds to meet different demands in different markets, which means customers can choose many different designs, such as flush design, one panel, two panel, four panel, and six panel. In US market, customers prefer 2 panel and 6 panel. In European market, customers like flush design and 4 panel. Some customers will also demand the factory to make some grooves on the surface of the door, which is a kind of unique design for white primer door. For the surface treatment, we have wood grain and smooth options. But wood grain surface is only available for one panel, two flat panel, three panel, four panel, five panel, six panel, two arch panel and flush design. Customers can check our online catalog to see the designs details.

The structure of white prime door is very simple. It includes two pieces of door skins, one inner wooden skeleton with one or two lock blocks, and filler. That’s it, so customers can easily understand. Door skin is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or HDF (high density fiberboard). The difference between MDF and HDF lies in the density. The density of HDF is higher than MDF, about 920 kg/m3, but MDF’s is about 850kg/m3. In Chinese market, there is only MDF available to purchase, so we normally use it. For different designs, we will use different thickness of MDF skin. For 8mm depth design, skin is 3mm thick, for 12mm depth design, we use 3-4mm thick skin and for 16.8mm raised design, we must use 4mm thick skin because this design is hard to press. About inner wooden skeleton and lock block, we will use fir or pine wood material to keep the main framework of one door stable. The skeleton width is no less than 22mm, and lock block size is normally 195x80mm. If customers want to reduce the cost, he can choose one lock block. If customers want the door in better quality, he can choose two lock blocks in bigger size and wider skeleton. We can customize according to the demands of customers. For fillers, we have four different options, honeycomb paper, hollow particle board, solid particle board, and solid wood. Honeycomb paper core is the most common and economical option, which is also the most preferable for most of customers. If customers want the sound insulation door, then hollow particle board is his best choice. If customers want the firm and strong door, then he can choose solid particle board core and solid wood core, but we suggest solid wood core. Because these two are of the same price, solid wood core is more stable and easier to purchase the raw material. 

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