What is the function of the PVC door?
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What is the function of the PVC door?

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The PVC door is a very common type of door used for interior decoration. Because of its low price, there are still many patterns to choose from, which has been welcomed by many consumers. However, due to the limitation of the characteristics of PVC materials, it is more used indoors, and it is not suitable for outdoor use.

What is the structure of the PVC door?

In the process of using PVC doors, what should be paid attention to?

What are the new development trends of PVC doors in the future?

PVC door

What is the structure of the PVC door?

1. The first layer of door core: the door core structure adopts solid wood inserts, these solid wood inserts are filled according to the bridge hole mechanics board, and the only purpose is to ensure that the door leaf of the PVC door is not easy to deform. (Note that the door core of the paint-free door is generally filled with four pieces of wood)

2. The second layer of density board: like a hamburger, the door core is added in the middle, so the PVC door we see now is the two sides of the density board, the middle layer is the fir door core

3. The third layer is to add a PVC finish. PVC is to make the PVC door look better because the MDF veneer has no desire for consumers to buy it. Therefore, to make PVC doors visually appeal to consumers, they have to use PVC for veneer, which has achieved better sales.

In the process of using PVC doors, what should be paid attention to?

1. It is not necessary to post pictures and pendants on the PVC door, especially the objects with self-adhesive glue, to prevent the paint surface from changing color when the objects are missing; the door should be wiped in time when splashed with water;

2. Normal use of PVC doors, do not hang heavy objects on the door or let children drag the door leaf to play, so as not to affect the service life of the door;

3. Do not use excessive force when opening and closing the door, or the opening angle is too large, this will not only damage the PVC door but also hurt the safety of life in serious cases;

4. When opening the door for ventilation, the door should be attached to the door stopper to prevent excessive wind from causing you unnecessary losses; be careful not to let chemicals come into contact with the PVC door to prevent the appearance of discoloration.

5. Keep the PVC door in a humid environment when it is not growing to prevent product deformation; the temperature and humidity inside and outside the door leaf are not too different to prevent warping and deformation of the wooden door;

6. When using PVC doors in the bathroom, pay attention to ventilation, do not let water drip on the door, and be aware that there is no accumulation of water near the door; do not use excessive force when wiping the glass door to prevent glass damage and personal injury.

What are the new development trends of PVC doors in the future?

Customization. Nowadays, the life of consumers is gradually improving, and the search for consumption characteristics is becoming more and more obvious, and the customized service brings consumers the feeling of characteristics. Just as no two identical leaves are the same in the world, no two people can get the same experience from customized services, so customized PVC doors are becoming more and more popular.

PVC doors do not need to pay too much money while meeting consumers' home improvement needs, so it has always been a leading product in the market. But when purchasing PVC doors, pay attention to their quality. Zhejiang JiHengKang Door Industry Co., Ltd. has various PVC doors that can provide the increasing of products, and make them more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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