What is information do you know about pine wood door?
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What is information do you know about pine wood door?

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Because people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, so the solid wood doors on the market have also increased a lot, of which pine wood doors occupy a large part of the market, especially many children's solid wood doors are made of pine. However, there are currently two main types of pine wood doors on the market. The first is Pinus sylvestris and the second is Masson pine, so owners can choose the right type according to their preferences.


What should be paid attention to when designing pine wood door?

How to protect pine wood doors when in use?

Why do most people choose pine wood doors?

What should be paid attention to when designing pine wood door?

1. Consider environmental protection

Choose green and pollution-free original and auxiliary pine wood door and suitable processing technology. The moisture content of the material should be compatible with the local equilibrium moisture content. Raw and auxiliary materials with higher moisture content should not be used, because when other conditions are the same, the higher the moisture content of the material, the faster the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

2. Usability

The use functions of pine wood door include: opening performance, door insulation performance, door sound insulation performance, door fire resistance performance, door anti-theft performance, wind pressure deformation performance of outer door, air permeability and rainwater leakage performance of outer door. The overall strength of the door.

How to protect pine wood doors when in use?

1. Do not hang heavy objects on the pine wood door or avoid bumping and scratching by sharp objects. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use excessive force and do not hit the pine wood door.

2. Do not open the door lock with wet hands or splash corrosive solvent on the pine wood door.

3. When wiping the glass, do not let the cleaning agent or water penetrate into the gap of the glass strip to avoid deformation.

4. When removing stains (such as fingerprints) on the surface of the pine wood door, it can be moistened with steam and wiped with a soft cloth.

5. In spring and winter, good indoor ventilation shall be maintained to keep the pine wood door in a normal temperature and humidity environment, so as to prevent the wooden door from deformation due to excessive humidity and temperature difference, and the edge sealing and finishing materials from falling off.

Why do most people choose pine wood doors?

1. The pine wood door has clear wood grain, strong overall sense and strong three-dimensional sense, which makes people comfortable at a glance. The whole solid wood door is made of solid wood.

2. The finished pine wood door after processing has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no joint, good heat insulation and so on. Because pine wood doors are all made of solid wood, they have high density and heavy weight, Because of this, pine wood doors have good sound absorption effect.

3. The inner and outer materials of pine wood doors are the same.

4. The choice of pine wood doors is generally soft and warm, and the main component of wood is lignin, so the ability of pine wood doors to absorb ultraviolet rays is also very strong. The slight concave convex on the wood surface will cause diffuse reflection, so it can effectively reduce the damage to the eyes and reduce the fatigue of the eyes.

All in all, pine wood doors are still an important option when people decorate their houses. Zhejiang JiHengKang Door Industry Co., Ltd. always focuses on customers’ needs and therefore provides tailored products and approaches client actively to solve any problems they have.

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