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What is a Timber Merchant

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A timber merchant, as we may expect, offers an extensive range of wood and timber materials for the construction trade and amateur DIY enthusiasts. Such materials are often found at larger homeware stores such as Wickes and Homebase, but specialist timber merchants like George Hill Timber are often the preferable choice for those who require timber and other building materials for projects of all sizes, both commercial and residential.


A timber merchant will usually operate a sawmill for the cutting and preparation of timber, transforming large but unworkable logs and trunks into manageable and convenient planks, beams, poles and other components. Timber is sourced from the countries which offer the highest quality of final product, but also where sustainable growth is best encouraged.

Timber merchants will often stock a variety of products necessary for construction, repairs and maintenance here in the United Kingdom. Planed softwood and hardwood planks are arguably one of the most popular products, being used for everything from complete room renovations to the building of small pieces of furniture. Softwoods and hardwoods come planed and cut to size, both in basic planks and in other shapes for handrails, skirting boards and the like. This reduces the need for time-consuming trimming and planning later on, and allows for a stress-free project.

For outdoor projects, structural support or other instances where a clean and accurate finish is less necessary, rough sawn timber is also available at timber merchants like George Hill Timber. Rough sawn timber is available in a number of sizes and shapes, from round fence posts to rectangular sleepers. The timber is generally treated, for improved durability even when used outdoors.

Decking, decorative mouldings, skirting boards and door frames are also commonly sold at timber merchants. These products are essential accessories for those more specific jobs, like the laying of a wood patio deck or construction of a staircase. They can be found at some high street retailers, but often at an inflated price, and without the advice of staff with decades of experience in the construction and timber trades.

When using a timber merchant you will be benefitting from the ease and convenience of large numbers of a wide range of products and materials. George Hill Timber currently offers high quality timber at four separate locations, namely Oldham, Bolton, Sale and Nelson. Our main Oldham branch is currently one of the largest timber merchants and sawmills in the North West, saving you the time and money which could otherwise be spent visiting several different smaller timber merchants, just to collect the required quantities of your chosen products.

Alongside a diverse range of high quality timber products, many people will also choose a specialist timber merchants to utilise their industry knowledge. George Hill Timber has been a family-run business since 1919, and our current staff are more than willing to provide advice on how to best complete a job, and which materials are required.

Will you be visiting a timber merchant for your home or commercial project any time soon? What attracts you to a specialist timber merchant over a franchised high street DIY store?

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