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What is Melamine door

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What is Melamine Doors?

Melamine is an industrial substance and is used in different sectors. For example, melamine is used in kitchen cabinet construction and container construction. Even some foods are added to melamine, but this situation is not very much approved. If we go back to the topic of melamine door models, we can explain the melamine door as follows;

It is a type of door with a lot of labor on it. The melamine door look is inspired by nature. Melamine door models emerge after the patterns of the trees in nature are processed on the doors. This process is very costly and demanding.

Therefore, melamine door manufacturing is a little difficult. However, there is a door reflecting its natural and natural appearance. That’s why melamine door manufacturers get the money they pay for.

Zhejiang JiHengKang (JHK) Door Industry is the leading door manufacturer in China since 2000. Our company is the pioneer in manufacturing various door skins, molded doors, solid wood doors and related accessories. We have the most advanced technology and reputable designers in the industry to ensure the quality of our products from the beginning to the end. Our experienced team has been working together over a decade, and we have earned the  following international certificates: ISO9001, IS014001, CE, CARB, SGS, FSC, BV and JAC.

As we mentioned above, it is inspired by nature to manufacture melamine doors and the patterns of trees in nature are reflected on the doors as they are. So how is this image reflected on the doors? The patterns of trees are engraved on a metal cylinder. In this way, it is reflected in your doors without losing the image of nature.

However, processing the tree patterns on the roller is a laborious task. So it has to be executed meticulously. The patterns of different trees are engraved on different cylinders. It is not possible to operate with a single cylinder.

Special papers are used for coloring and these papers are processed with metal rollers. As a result of the process, designs with colorful tree patterns appear.

There is one last step to be done after the coloring process, which is the impregnation process. The impregnation process is a process that protects the wood against adverse conditions and prevents its wear over time. This process is very important. Because it increases the lifetime of wood and prevents the trees in nature to be cut more frequently.

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