MDF vs. Plywood Differences
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MDF vs. Plywood Differences

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We  are  talking about the difference about the MDF and plywood ,the nest class is when to use what.

1.  For the scalloped console table, I used MDF.  It’s paintable and smooth.  The smooth edges allow for detailed, scrolled designs to be cut.  And the edges sand smoothly as well.


2.  For the lower shelf on the ottoman, I used plywood.  Plywood is stainable, where MDF is not.  I covered the not-so-pretty edges with pieces of 1″ x 3″ lumber.


3.  For the scalloped mirror, I used MDF, for all of the same reasons as on the scalloped console table.  (FYI, this also could have been made out of 1″ x 4″ lumber, cut into four pieces and mitered in the corners to make a frame.  Then the scrolled design cut on the inside edge of that frame.  The benefit of the MDF is that there are no mitered corner seams, and no extra work piecing together a frame.)


4.  This was a trick question. I actually used MDF on this project, but plywood would have been perfectly acceptable, and actually it would have been preferable.  If I had been building bookshelves that sat on the floor, where the edges might be susceptible to spilled water or even floods from plumbing issues, I would have definitely used plywood.  However, with these being just on the top, away from the floor, I used MDF to save money.

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