How to use planed wood for home improvement
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How to use planed wood for home improvement

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Planed wood is sawn timber which has been planed down until it’s smooth, and is meant for use where it can be seen. With its natural lustre, softwood and hardwood options and the wide variety of finishes available, it's no wonder why so many choose planed timber for hands-on home improvement projects. When you buy pre-boxed, pre-measured wood, for a garden shed for example, you are likely to get a few cross sections, with nothing remarkable about the wood itself. Planed wood, on the other hand, offers a wealth of possibilities as it has been machined down until it’s smooth, with the quality visible from every side.

Popular interior uses for planed timber:

Sash windows: Using planed timber for sash windows gives a home a really traditional appearance as well as being more durable and a better insulator than plastic.

Shelving: Once cut to size and planed all round, constructing wooden shelves is a really easy DIY job. Certain planed timbers are easier to handle as well as to stain, and will achieve an authentic and traditional appearance.

Homemade furniture: Whether you want the finished item to compliment a shabby-chic style or polished to a shine, bespoke planed timber is the way to go. When you choose planed timber you can experiment with colour texture, figure and stability.

Flooring: Planed wood offers a depth of colour, durability and character of grain, making each piece unique. The sheer range of style choices make planed timber a favourite on the renovation scene.

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