How to choose the right interior door Part2
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How to choose the right interior door Part2

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 What do you need? 9 kinds of doors to consider:


1.    Sliding doors are usually made of wood, glass or are lined with mirrors. Many of these doors are used as closet doors when installed in the interior of a house. They take up a minimal amount of space because the doors slide along the wall rather than swing open.

2.    Pocket doors are used all over the house. Most commonly used in turn-of-the-century homes, they've become more common because of their space-saving construction. Unlike sliding doors, pocket doors actually slide into the wall, rather than along the side of it.

3.    Folding doors (usually in a bi-fold form) fold in on either side, and are usually used in closets, laundry rooms, pantries and other small space.

4.    Flush doors are more contemporary, simple doors smooth on both sides, and generally made of plywood or MDF.

5.     Barn doors were, of course, originally found on barns. But they've been adopted for interior and exterior doors on residential homes, and are great for rooms with a more industrial or rustic look.

6.    Panel doors are the most common doors seen in houses today. Usually made of wood or MDF, they're designed with a classic pattern of square panels.

7.    French doors have a frame around one or more transparent panels, usually filled with glass or a foggy translucent material. There are many styles and sizes of these panels, all of which are meant to maximize light in a room.

8.    Dutch doors are divided in half horizontally, allowing the top half to swing open while the bottom half stays closed.

9.    Blind doors have no visible trim, handles or hinges. They're designed to completely blend in with the wall — a hidden door!

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