How to choose a melamine door?
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How to choose a melamine door?

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The melamine door, the industry prefers to call it ecological door, and some people call it one-time forming board. It is to soak the paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, then dry to a certain degree of curing, and pave it on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium-density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard, or another hard fiberboard, Decorative door made by hot pressing.


What should we consider when buying a melamine door?

What is the production process of the melamine door?

What is the future development of melamine doors?

What should we consider when buying a melamine door?

1. Glue. The glue of the melamine door must be environmentally friendly, and bad glue can easily cause the membrane of the molded door to blistering, falling off, and curl. When you choose a melamine door, you can use your fingernails to pull the sticky part of the door plate. If the workmanship is good (including good adhesive and adhesive glue), the melamine door will not appear and it will be pulled off with a little effort. The phenomenon.

2. The edge of the substrate. Check whether there is a burst on the edge of the melamine door. If there is a burst, the membrane will be easily curled if moisture enters the door panel for a long time. Molded doors for melamine doors are economical, rich in texture, and have many advantages. However, molded doors are also hollow. Compared with solid wood doors, the sound insulation effect of this kind of door is much worse, so everyone should fully consider it when purchasing. These are to be decided after weighing and weighing, after all, once you choose, you will use it for a long time.

What is the production process of the melamine door?

The process requirements are:

1. Appropriate moisture content. When the water content of the surface layer is 18-20%, it is beneficial to improve the bending strength, tensile strength, and surface finish, and reduce the possibility of bubbling and delamination of the melamine door during pressure relief. The moisture content of the core layer should be appropriately lower than that of the surface layer to maintain proper planar tensile strength.

2. Proper hot-pressing pressure. Pressure can affect the contact area between the melamine doors, the thickness deviation of the board, and the degree of rubber transfer between the shavings. According to the different density requirements of the melamine door, the hot pressing pressure is generally 1.2 to 1.4 MPa.

3. Appropriate temperature. The too high temperature will not only decompose the urea-formaldehyde resin but also cause partial pre-curing of the melamine door when the temperature rises, which will result in waste products.

4. Appropriate pressurization time. If the time is too short, the middle layer resin cannot be fully cured, the elastic recovery of the melamine door in the thickness direction is increased, and the planar tensile strength is significantly reduced.

What is the future development of melamine doors?

The melamine door industry must quickly improve product quality and reduce costs, and actively participate in market competition. The product market space is still huge. In addition to ensuring the supply of raw materials and improving the quality of melamine doors, companies must increase technological innovation, vigorously recycle waste wood, and realize a circular economy. Efforts to develop new uses of melamine doors, especially to increase the promotion of the research and use of directional melamine doors. To improve the quality of melamine doors, reduce costs, and improve R&D capabilities, the construction scale of the project must be increased.

With continuous technological innovation, the advantages of melamine doors have been continuously improved. However, consumers also need to choose the appropriate melamine door according to their own needs. Zhejiang JiHengKang Door Industry Co., Ltd. has focused on the production of melamine doors for over ten years. With the variety of top-quality products JHK offers, they are confident that we will become your ideal partner.

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