How to Choose the Front Fiberglass Door Part 2
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How to Choose the Front Fiberglass Door Part 2

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The front door has an impact on the value of your home.  The best way to narrow down front door choices is to look at it in terms of material.


Fiberglass composite doors. Relatively affordable, fiberglass composite doors are most often chosen for their durability, and the fact they’re almost maintenance free. These doors can last a very long time, and many models offer warranties for as long as the buyer lives in the house.


Because fiberglass composite doors can go several years without needing any paint or stain touchups, they tend to work very well in harsh and humid climates. This material lasts longer than wood or steel, and its foam core offers much more insulation than wood.


Since this material resists denting, warping, rot, rust, and other issues associated with wood and metal, fiberglass composite is a natural choice for a front door exposed to extreme weather. It's great for high traffic areas, and — like this traditional fiberglass door with a light oak grain — its appearance can be easily customized to look like wood or other natural materials.

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