Difference Between UPVC and WPC
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Difference Between UPVC and WPC

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Let’s look at the differences between these two products more elaborately,
1. Enforcements
There is no reinforcement of GI or metal in WPC material, but since, UPVC contains a reinforcement, the material is made in the form of hollow profiles.
2. Aesthetics
UPVC is aesthetically better and offers a better commercial look. However, WPC is considered for usage when it comes to internal residences, group housings door frame applications. Also, WPC’s are versatile in nature which allows the buyer to paint them according to their personal requirements.
3. Price
WPC’s are cheaper than UPVC but are in no way less stronger, durable than UPVC.
4. Encapsulation
Since WPC is made through German encapsulation technology. Hence, there is a rigid 8mm PVC layer on the six sides along with a density of 1.4 diameter, which gives the frame, a strong core. Well, then it is safe to say that it is as good as UPVC.
5. Compatibility With Indian Hardware
UPVC has a lot of issues. WPC, on the other hand, contains Indian hardware which makes it compatible to be used with standard company’s material without causing any problem in the future.
6. Carpenter Friendly
No matter whichever product it is. Ultimately, it has to be used by a carpenter. Hence, this brings us to the point whether the material which is being used is a carpenter friendly product or not? Well, UPVC requires special machinery for its installation and hence it isn’t a carpenter friendly product, whereas WPC products can be used by a normally skilled carpenter using a handsaw with screws for its installation.
7. Color
UPVC comes in standard white color, and no paint can be applied onto it, whereas the WPC door frame offers a buyer to carry out surface treatment on it according to his/her wish on it. Also, if a buyer wants them in a personalized color, they can extrude them in that as well.
8. Sound-Proof & Dust-Proof
UPVC is majorly used in high rise buildings and is considered as the best product, as it offers soundproofing, dust proofing which is required in high rise buildings. However, WPC’s are preferred over timber product in lower and mid houses.

9. Return Of Investment
This brings us to our next major point which is, “Return Of Investment.” so, if a buyer uses a UPVC window application, then he/she gets a good return on investment as it offers soundproofing, dust proofing etc. However, for internal door frames, lobby, washroom, main room door applications WPC’s are preferred over UPVC’s.

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