Differen type of veneer
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Differen type of veneer

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1, according to the thickness of Bai class

Thickness du in 0.5 mm called thick thin wood;

Instead, it is microzhi.

2. According to DAO manufacturing method, Zhuan is classified

It can be divided into planing and cutting wood;

SHU Winding wood;

Saw to cut veneer;

Semicircular twirling of thin wood.

Usually, the planing method is used to make more.

3. Classification by morphology

Can be divided into natural veneer;

Dyed veneer;

Composite veneer (technology veneer);

Splicing thin wood;

Rolls of veneer (nonwoven veneer).

4. Classify by source

Domestic veneer;

Imported veneer.

Quality items of veneer:

1. Thickness uniformity, length, width and error, moisture content;

2, early and late wood;

Within each annual ring, depend on the pith heart part is formed at the beginning of the annual growth season, the wood color is light, the organization is loose, the material is soft, said early wood (spring wood);

Relying on bark part is to grow later, material color is deep, organization is dense, material is qualitative hard, say late material (autumn material, summer material).

3, sapwood and heartwood;

The material color of some tree species near the bark part is lighter, when the tree is cut down, the moisture of this part is more, say sapwood.

The part with darker color and less moisture around the heart of pith is called heartwood.

4, pattern, color difference, smoothness, mineral line.

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