8 Welcoming Front Door Colors
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8 Welcoming Front Door Colors

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The quickest way to boost your home's curb appeal is to add a new paint color to your front door. Your front door says a lot about your home and your personality, so it's a good idea to put some thought into finding the right paint color. Why settle for the standard white door that was installed when your house was first built? The front door is an important accent for your home's exterior but is still small enough to allow for color risks and to reflect your personality.

Here are eight awesome paint colors for your front door color inspiration.

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    Domino Sherwin-WIlliams

    Black Front Door Paint Color | Sherwin-Williams Domino

    David Papazian / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

    Black is a classic front door paint color that works with more than just traditional-style homes. A black front door looks great with a contemporary, modern, or Craftsman-style home. If you're choosing black for your front door, don't limit yourself to pure black. Sherwin-Williams Domino SW 6989 is a gorgeous black paint color, but you'll also want to try deep blue or brown colors to get the perfect look for your front door.

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    Garden Spot Sherwin-Williams

    Green Front Door Paint Color - Sherwin-Williams Garden Spot


    Green may not be the first color you think of choosing a paint color for your front door, but it should be included on your list of color possibilities. Green paint colors such as Sherwin-Williams Garden Spot are a fresh alternative to warm paint colors.

    Fresh door color is an easy way to update your home subtly. When choosing a green paint color for your front door, take the nearby landscaping and foliage into consideration, and choose one that complements, rather than blends into its surroundings.

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    Raisin Torte Benjamin Moore

    Burgundy Front Door Colors - Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte

    Benjamin Moore

    Could a purple front door be the answer to jazzing up your home's curb appeal? Purple has been growing in popularity for front doors, as it's a beautiful complement to all shades of green foliage. Choosing the right purple is crucial, as the colors can range from a grape juice color to a rich burgundy such as Benjamin Moore's Raisin Torte. Your house color will be the best guide to choosing the right purple, so be sure to sample the colors together before committing.

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    Blue Toile Benjamin Moore

    Blue Front Door Colors - Benjamin Moore Blue Toile

    Benjamin Moore

    The best blue paint colors for front doors have a slight green undertone. Because most front doors are surrounded by green foliage and landscaping, a pure blue door can look really harsh when paired with all that green, or it will bring out unwanted gray undertones. Rich blue door color with just a hint of green such as Benjamin Moore's Blue Toile can give your home a welcoming and relaxed look.

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    Straw Hat Behr

    Yellow Front Door Colors | Behr Straw Hat


    A yellow or gold front door paint color is perfect for traditional style homes, especially if black shutters are involved. A Craftsman or Victorian home would be stunning with a rich yellow front door if the yellow is more neutral than bright. Behr's Straw Hat is the perfect sunny yellow paint color for your front door.

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    Rodeo Red Behr

    Red Front Door Colors | Behr Rodeo Red


    Red is an auspicious color for feng shui decorating, and especially for a front door. If you enjoy decorating for the fall and winter season, a red door can be the perfect backdrop. Red can be a tricky paint color to use, so be sure to sample the red paint you're considering. Behr's Rodeo Red is a versatile warm red paint color that can coordinate with a variety of home styles.

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    Coral Passion Valspar 2001-1B

    Welcoming Front Door Colors | Valspar Coral Passion


    Coral front door color is a throwback from Mid-Century Modern style. Coral was a popular choice for homes with big double doors and Asian motifs. Coral today is still a stunning choice for Mid-Century, contemporary, and beach-inspired, homes. Valspar's Coral Passion is a vibrant coral that can energize a tired porch or exterior color palette.

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    Pale Tidepool Valspar

    Welcoming Front Door Colors | Valspar Pale Tidepool


    Pale mint green is an unexpected treat for a front door. A white house that needs just a hint of color could ramp up the charm with a pretty color such as Valspar's Pale Tide Pool, especially with black shutters or porch decor as an accent. If you're lucky enough to have a Dutch door, a soft color like pale green would be a sweet choice.

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